Gena Feet to Go


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Gena  Feet to Go
Includes Pedi Septic, Pedi Soak, Pedi Soft, Pedi Care, Pedi Ice 2 oz. each and Pedi Sander.
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This kit is perfect for home and travel. A great way to pamper yourself.
    • How To Use
Step 1: Add a teaspoon of Pedi Soak to one gallon of warm water and agitate. Soak for 5-10 minutes. Pat dry. Fresh scented Pedi Soak cleans, conditions and soothes tired feet.
Step 2: For cuticle removal apply Pedi Care sloughing lotion to each toenail and gently push back cuticles. For dry skin removal apply a small amount and massage with firm strokes until the dry skin rolls off.
Step 3: Apply Pedi Scrub exfoliating gel on the foot and use a continuous circular motion to gently scrub foot surface to remove dry skin which also feels like a great foot massage.
Step 4: When needed, apply Callus Off by liberally spreading over callus. Cover with plastic and allow to penetrate 3-5 minutes then wipe away the excess, rinse and dry. (follow warning and cautions on the label).
Step 5: Use Pedi Sander or buffer to gently remove callus.
Step 6: For a refreshing finale, apply Pedi Cure over the top of the feet and up the legs to the knee. Pedi Cure is an ultra rich moisturizing treatment enriched with botanicals and extracts to nourish and re-hydrate even the driest skin.
    • What Does this Do
Kit includes:
Pedi Care- Conditioning skin therapy with Lavender and Menthol. Soothes and repairs dry, cracked feet.
Pedi Soft- Botanically enriched with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Green Tea. Moisturizes and softens skin.
Pedi Soak- Concentrated foot bath with Tea Tree Oil and Botanical extracts. Cleanses, heals and softens skin.
Pedi Septic- Contains Eucalyptus, Menthol and Tea Tree Oil. Prevents foot odor and bacterial contamination. Pedi Ice- Formulated for hot, tired feet and legs. Menthol and Aloe Vera cool, soothe and moisturize.
Pedi Sander- Gently reduces calluses and safely smoothes rough, dry skin. Two different abrasive surfaces (coarse and fine). Fast, easy and safe. Washable.

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